You know, before there were internet call-centers and digital phone hell…

“Press 17 if you want to scream at the top of your voice.â€


“Hey Karen, did Jesse make it into the college he wanted?“  How are you doing on the hospital project and is there anything we can do to help?“

Somehow, we all started thinking that doing things ourselves on the Internet was the most efficient way to get things done. But what about those things that you know are going to take you a long time to research and figure out…and then when you do, you still have to add it to your list?

What if some helpful somebody IRL (in real life) was able to say to you…
“Have you thought about this? And have you tried that?“
And you realize that you haven’t. You didn’t even know whatever it is existed.

That’s where we fit into your life… And business. We’re that helpful somebody. You can call us. With the phone part of your phone. We’re not trying to put systems in place so that we don’t have to take your customer service calls. We want you to call us. Do it!

The call will be efficient and you will have a shorter to-do list at the end of it. And then you can focus on your creativity.  Because, if a problem is worth solving, it’s worth engaging with the right people to solve it with urgency, isn’t it?



It’s reaching out.  It’s letting people know.  It’s connecting.  It’s creating relationships

ArtBrokers represents and publishes artists as a resource for designers and art consultants

Maybe you’re someone who created a painting. Or maybe you’re the person who wants to buy it.

You could be the woman who wants 7 Prints made of the painting. One for each dwarf.

Or maybe you’re the guy who needs 700 prints of many paintings for the airport art installation he’s doing.

No matter what your interest, job, role or passion for the art world is… ArtBrokers is your hub.



People say “there is an art to printing“.  Of course there is. And we take our art very seriously.
(while we smile at the pure joy of doing it)

Smooth, Rag, Film, Thin, Thick, Shiny, Mat, Deep, Wide… we could go on all day

Sure, we have all the stuff.  You probably are used to reading about the printing materials and processes on other websites, or books, or magazines, or on bathroom walls… (Ok, maybe not that last one).  The thing is.  Having all the stuff is easy. But knowing when to use it… that’s the tricky part.  And our team of printers is pretty tricky

Our approach to the creation of our published images is in the tradition and care given to the creation of prints at the old world ateliers of Europe.  A high resolution scan is imported into photo-editing software not with idea of simply making a reproduction – but to make something new.  Using the available digital magic, all aspects of the image can be controlled and adjusted.

Our intent is that this new image looks like it was born on the paper or canvas feeding out of the printer. A print from a digital print maker and not simply a reproduction




“The ironic thing is that you don’t use framing to enclose your art… but to set it free”

– A passionate ArtBrokers framing artist  (she might be French…but we’re not sure)

Wood, Metal, Fiber, Custom, Hip, Retro, Floating, Steam Punk….What?  Sure, why not?

Get out of the way!  Get out of the way!

Of course a frame can be beautiful.  And intricate and simple and colorful and woody or metal-y  But you don’t often hear the person viewing the art say…

“I just LOVE how the artwork sets off the frame.”

(and if you do, then maybe they just might want to check out some more compelling art?  Just sayin’.)



Off they go into the wild, blue yonder…  Your pieces of art.  The ones you put so much time into making or choosing.  And now you can entrust them to us…to raise.

Cleat, Security Hardware, Wrap, Protect, Organize, Store, Deliver, Hang, Clean, Dust, Shine and then disappear without a trace

You are a creative person. You have just spent – not only your time – but your passion, skills and focus on this project.  Depending on how you fit into this magnificent world of art, you might have just painted a work of art, or chosen some art for a project.

And you have probably labored over your choices. After selecting the perfect image, then comes the papers, inks, substrates, coatings, frames and you are finally ready to have your work head out into the world and find its place on the wall.   Oops.  Not yet.

Thankfully you don’t have to labor over how to get them onto the wall.  We do. Whew!



You’ve sourced all the right images…  Yay!  But they are at 7 different publisher / printers.  Yikes!


“Wait a minute!  What?  But when do they say they’re going to get here?  What the heck am I going to do? I’ve got just 4 hours to get this done and the other prints that arrived are not cleated.  And the ones that I found this morning outside used… (gasp!) wire!”

You are a creative person.  Sure, that creativity could be directed at spreadsheets and… all of that.  Or you could keep focused on doing the work that not everyone can do.  You have a vision.  So do we.

We know how nuts it can be to get all the printers, framers and installers on the same page and have your beautiful, well-thought-out project arrive on time, undamaged and so well organized you could be relaxing by the pool as you watch the ArtBrokers team carefully bring your project off the truck.  (if the pool is your thing – and if there’s a pool).

Our logistics team is beyond geeky and we know how to manage, protect and handle artwork.  If you have an installer that you are super-loyal to, then have all your printers or artists deliver their work to us and we can frame it if you like or, if that is not necessary, we will make sure all the cleats and security hardware are uniform throughout the project.

We will organize all your art, locations in the building, coding, descriptions, proper protective wrapping (eco-available) and make sure your installers receive the most organized delivery of art they have ever seen.

Unless we do the installation for you…in which case, we have seen it all before.  Because we’ve done it all before.

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